• My name is Stacey Selley and I am running for Ward 8/9 Public School Board Trustee

  • I reject the current Draft Curriculum and I support a more balanced curriculum with a larger focus on: Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Current Events, Math & Sciences, Critical Thinking, Tech, Literature, Taxes, Personal Finance, and Business Education, and Youth Mental Health.

  • The current Draft Curriculum contains false information and inaccuracies. I am a huge proponent for Critical Thinking and the current draft relies too heavily on memorization of outdated and out of touch information, as well as a lack of expert consultation. 

  • I will make sure every single student feels safe attending any and all Calgary Public Schools. Addressing systematic racism and S2LGBTQ+ concerns and anti-bullying are of the utmost importance and I will do whatever I need to do to make sure that safety is priority.

  • I support masking in schools for every child's protection, as much as I wish they didn't have to. The reality is the cases are rising and we must protect our students until such a time a vaccine is available. I support parents rights to choose, but the school's right to consider the safety of the majority when determining what comes next after vaccinations are available. I do not support mandatory vaccines but I support masking in lieu of vaccinations.

  • I am a Ward 8 business owner, I am not out to waste money. I want our tax dollars to go to the right places. I want to allocate funds to our children where they will be best spent - to bring innovation to our future.

  • I am a candidate with children who are in every level of the Calgary Public School System and I am in touch on the ground floor with what their needs are and I would love to be elected the opportunity to extend that knowledge out to Ward 8 & 9.

Our children are our future,

let’s help them build an even better Alberta.